Invisalign: Indifferent Yet Impactful

Are there alignment issues in your teeth? Do you often hesitate to laugh out loud to cover your teeth? Are you shy to wear dental braces? Well, you do not need to bother about it anymore. Great Lakes Invisalign and Clear Aligner Centre – is here with the most promising solution to your complex orthodontic issues. No more fixed dental braces for a year or more to get back your beautiful smile; when you opt for the Invisalign treatment in Kolkata.  But treatment of Invisalign requires high level of clinical skills and understanding of digital technology. Dr Abhisek Ghosh and his team of experts are experienced Invisalign orthodontists who brings this highly advanced form of treatment at your doorstep. Dr. Abhisek Ghosh has over a decade of experience in cosmetic dentistry and dental braces and 10,000+ happy dental braces patients. He always looks forward to introducing these updated treatments at the Great Lakes Dental Clinic in Kolkata for residents’ ease.


Invisalign is the best orthodontic treatment of choice for adults

Here is why we propose Invisalign

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for a reason to select us for your orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, you have a long list. Here are the top 5 reasons.

One-On-One Customized Consultation

Every orthodontic treatment depends on age, condition, and personalized problem in the patient. We first give the proper guidance and consultation to the patient before planning invisible removable braces. You shall decide on the treatment after you have a word about the same with the best cosmetic dentist in Kolkata.

Itero 3D Planning Tool

We plan your Invisalign treatment and cosmetic smile designing cases using the most advanced and latest Itero 3D Planning scanner. All our tools and dentistry assistance equipment are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Patients have complete clarity well in advance of what will be the treatment process and how to deal with it. Apart from that we are also able to predict the patient’s future smile after treatment with our latest software smile analysis making us the best dental braces clinic in Kolkata.

Sterilization Process as Per FDI Guidelines

The safety and hygiene of the clients is our priority. For the same, we have OSHA Protocol to keep the five-step sterilization transparent to the patients. Apart from that, a 24*7 housekeeping staff take care of all those approaching us for clear aligner treatment.

Well-Trained and Internationally Renowned Doctors

Undoubtedly, we have the best dentist in Kolkata, but stay tuned, do not underestimate our team. Along with our doctors, our other orthodontists and the rest of the group receive the training regularly.
When you approach the top clear aligner clinic in kolkata, the risk is minimum, and the precision is optimized. The result for the same is your sparkling eye-catchy smile which enhances your facial features.

Latest Cosmetic Solutions at Affordable Cost

It is not a surprise when our patients reveal that we design the loveliest smiles. The claim is valid because, with Invisalign treatment, we keep your smiles intact not only after the remedy but also during the process.
The removable and invisible braces are not only convenient but affordable too. You can receive all the treatment at a cost equivalent to that of fancy traditional braces.

If these details push you to grab the cosmetic dental treatment in kolkata, confirm your booking with Dr. Abhisek Ghosh now. It will be our pleasure to guide you and serve you. Great Lakes Invisalign and Clear Aligner Centre is also -the First Itero Element 2 Dental Clinic of Eastern India and Kolkata which gives you the best remedies for your cosmetic dental troubles.

About The Doctor

Dr. Abhisek Ghosh – M.D.S in Orthodontics has multiple degrees, achievement awards, and unmatched experience. He is undoubtedly the best one to guide you on your Invisalign and Clear Aligner treatment.

Apart from his career journey, the experience of his patients has been equally pleasurable – which is easily visible in the patient feedback section – when you type – best orthodontist in Kolkata near me.

What is your problem?  Crooked teeth, improper jaw, cross-bites, open-bites, deep-bites, overbites, malocclusion, or any other issue, we are here to assist for the same. Call us now to get refined dentistry services in Kolkata, invisible, beautiful, affordable, result-oriented with Invisalign clear aligners.

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